SOM Delivers English-medium Courses for Graduate Students
 Datetime:2012-09-21  Clicks:1612
An interactive course of Seminars on Advanced Management Science and Business for graduate students, which was taught in English, was delivered on 13th September Thursday. The first class was instructed by professor HUA Zhongsheng, and around 45 graduate students, including 8 international students from U.S.A., Britain, Pakistan, Yemen and Rwanda, attended the class.

The course requires 60 credit hours, and Professor YU Yugang and Dr. ZHANG Zikun will join in the teaching in the future. The goal of the course is to make students master advanced knowledge of management science and business administration both at home and abroad.


Apart from Business Administration Honors Program, the School of Management started 4 English-medium courses for graduate students this semester, namely, Seminars on Advanced Management Science and Business, Business Research Methods, Managerial Economics and Inter-cultural Management. All of these courses were taught in bilingualism in the past years. The beginning of English-medium courses indicated an improvement of internationalization in education and research.


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