Alumnus Prof. Jin Zhouying Speaks on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum
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In the morning on April 23, 2015, a USTC alumnus graduated in 1960, Prof. Jin Zhouying was invited to return to her  alma mater - USTC, and visited the innovation and entrepreneurship forum of the School of Management, giving an academic report entitled “Paradigm Shift, New Understanding of Technology- Where does the Creativity comes from?” to teachers and students in the EMBA circular classroom. The colloquium was chaired by associate dean Yang Feng. Professor Jin is a researcher and PhD tutor of the Institute of Quantitative Economics and Technology Economics of CASS. Currently she serves as director of the Technological Innovation and Strategic Management Research Center of CASS, dean of Beijing Academy of Soft Technology, and Chairman of the China Division of World Future Society.

Firstly, Prof. Jin used new vocabulary like soft technology and hardware technology to lead into the lecture theme, and then she used her years of research experience to clarify the questions: What is innovation? How can we innovate? How can we achieve sustainable development? Then she imagined the future of humanity and civilization, as well as the direction of future technology. She pointed out that the establishment of an innovative nation still has a long way to go; we must change our ideas and overcome the restrictions of regulations in the new situation. We must create an innovation-driven development model in the context of Chinese culture with new thinking, turning from imitation innovation to independent innovation, emphasizing the important role of soft technology. Finally, she shared about USTCers’ life and learning in the early 1960s and told some stories about the S-863 item .

In the afternoon on April 23, Professor Jin had academic communication and talks with teachers and students from the School of Management in meeting room 1508 of the Management Research building. Hong Jin, the director of business administration of School of Management, chaired the meeting. Prof. Jin discussed relevant problems about innovation as well as individual research with teachers and students, and responded to the questions of the teachers and students without reservation. Then she shared the academic progress expected in future research. Finally she said that she would like to cooperate with the School of Management to carry out more in-depth research.


This year is the 20th establish anniversary of the School of Management. As one of the series celebration activities, the business administration innovation research center of USTC and the innovation and entrepreneurship research center of School of Management gave a special invitation to Professor Jin return to her alma mater. The goal was to provide high-level academic lectures for teachers and students in our school, and further improve the quality of research in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship in the School of Management.


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