EMBA alumni, Zhang Yunyan and Wu Guocheng elected to the Twelfth National Youth Committee
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From July 23 to 26, 2015, the China Youth Federation part of the twelfth Committee plenary session was held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. The new session saw 1369 National Youth Committee members attending the meeting, Our school EMBA alumni, Anhui Cheng Yi law firm executive partner Yun Yan Zhang, and Anhui Ferryman Investment holding company chairman Wu Guocheng were elected to the twelfth National Youth Committee (Yun Yan Zhang was re-elected to a term).


During the meeting, members of the Federation seriously studied the work of General Secretary Xi Jinping  and the congratulatory letter from the Party Central Committee. The members passed the eleventh annual work report of the Standing Committee of the National Youth and "Resolution on the constitution of the National Youth Association (Amendment)", discussed issues with the 34 Departments of the Republic  minister, and elected the new leadership of the National Youth Federation. The National Youth Federation is composed of all the most outstanding young patriotic united front organizations, and being named a National Youth Committee of China member is one of the highest honors. With the healthy development of our school’s EMBA program, school EMBA alumni have begun to emerge in each field of society, playing roles in the various fields of the society, which, to some extent, reflects the effectiveness and success of the EMBA education at USTC. Other USTC alumni who are elected members of the National Youth Federation are: Pan Jianwei, executive vice president of USTC; League provincial Party committee deputy secretary Li Guoyang; IFLYTEK President Liu Qingfeng; Hefei forum CEO Wang Hai; and USTC Department of Chemistry Professor Fu Yao. (President Pan Jianwei was elected vice chairman of the National Youth Federation.)


Introduction of Zhang Yunyan and Wu Guocheng:
Zhang Yunyan is currently an executive partner of Anhui Cheng Yi law firm. She has studied at Shanghai International Studies University and the law department of the China University of Political Science and Law. She has been a graduate student at the Anhui University law school and in the EMBA senior business administration program of USTC, and is currently working on a doctorate in finance at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In the field of law, Zhang Yunyan has been standing in the forefront among lawyers, focusing on traditional civil and commercial litigation, She has handled a large number of cases including real estate, cooperation, construction projects, restructuring mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, financial securities, and foreign legal services. In the securities business, her law firm has provided a variety of legal services for more than 100 listed corporations. Zhang Yunyan has also served as a lawyer for the Hefei municipal government, Bengbu municipal government, Huainan municipal government, Huaibei municipal government, acting as legal counsel for the financial departments and other government units. She also provides professional legal services for government enterprises, and has contributed to the promotion of rule of law in China, one of the vital practices in the great new blueprint of China.


Wu Guocheng is chairman of the Anhui Ferry Investment Holdings Ltd, and chairman of Anhui Gujing Taeshina Nine Brew Wine Co. Ltd. He also serves as director of the China Youth Entrepreneur Association and is the USTC Anhui Alumni Association Vice Chairman, as well as Assistant Director of the EMBA Center of USTC. He is also involved with the Anhui Province Youth Federation, Hefei city CPPCC members, and has other social functions. Chairman Wu Guocheng graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1998 as one of the first EMBA graduates of USTC. He has been in the Anhui Provincial Tourism Administration, Shenzhen Yuan Electronic Co., Ltd., and Hefei Swire Coca-Cola Company. He founded the Ferryman company in 2004, and starting from management consulting and media, it has developed into a large-scale professional Investment holding Company in Anhui province over a period of ten years. Its investment scope includes real estate, liquor, cultural media, and other fields. Because of its good development, Wu Guocheng has become the model for provincial youth entrepreneurship, starting empty-handed. His awards include the China marketing influential man award, distinguished alumni of the USTC Anhui Alumni Association, Anhui MBA ten influential men, an EMBA special contribution award from USTC, the Hefei five four youth medal, and other honorary titles.


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