SOM Smoothly Completes AMBA Pre-Assessment
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On July 21, 2015, Chongming Wang, a professor from the School of Management of Zhejiang University, carried out pre-assessment of the School as a representative of the Association of Masters of Business Administration  (AMBA). In accordance with the AMBA accreditation process, Prof. Wang evaluated and gave advice about the School’s readiness and certification reports.


At 9:00 AM, Prof. Wang met with Prof. Shulin Zhang, who is the USTC Vice President in charge of graduate education. At the meeting, Prof. Wang declared the AMBA organization hope that the university can give more support to MBA education, including course construction, teacher training, student career development support, etc. Prof. Zhang expressed thanks and welcome for Prof Wang’s visit, saying that the university attaches great importance to and supports AMBA certification, and will give the School more support in aspects such as teaching configuration in the management school.


(Meeting with Vice President Shulin Zhang)

Next, the AMBA self-examination report discussion began meeting room 912. Vice Dean of the graduate school Jibao Gu, School of Management Executive Dean Yugang Yu ,Secretary of the Party Committee Weilin Cao, Vice President of the University Taizhong Hu, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee Feng Yang, Director of the Center for MBA and EMBA Feng Rui, plus organizers and the certification committee attended the discussion. After listening to Yugang Yu’s reports about School’s overall mission, vision, strategy, teaching, scientific research, and MBA/EMBA program, Prof. Wang gave the full affirmation of the status and development of both the University and the School of Management, At the same time, he analyzed the problems in the report, and had a careful and detailed discussion with all teachers attending. Finally Prof. Wang emphasized that the guiding principle of certification of the AMBA international organization is "From good to great", and in his report put forward constructive suggestions about the strategic development of the School, curriculum, and internationalization development.

(Discussing Self-Audit Report)

After the discussion, Prof. Wang carried on discussions with representatives of the teachers, employers of students, MBA & EMBA students, and other School personnel for further understanding of the MBA and EMBA education situation and results. Finally, Prof. Wang put forward specific guidance and suggestions to the School for its formal certification preparation.

(Meeting with faculty, employers, students and graduates)

In the months after the AMBA accreditation effort was launched in December 2014, the School successfully completed the authentication preliminaries. This symbolized another great progress step in the process of international certification that started with the AACSB accreditation completed earlier this year, and the AMBA step gave further recognition of the quality of the MBA program. The School will improve and upgrade the MBA program, following rectification opinions further to complete the formal certification. The Association of MBA (AMBA), founded in the UK in 1967, is an independent institution engaged in MBA quality certification. AMBA accreditation was established to be an international certification system of business school MBA programs, and pay attention to the development of business and management practices.  At present, more than 20  schools have passed AMBA accreditation.


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