Prof. YU Yugang Wins “System Science and System Engineering Theory Contribution Award"
 Datetime:2016-12-22  Clicks:391
On October 29, the 19th annual conference of Systems Engineering Society of China was held in Beijing. Professor YU Yugang, Executive Dean of School of Management, USTC received the "System Science and System Engineering Theory Contribution Award" in the conference.


Professor Yu Yugang's achievements for the award mainly come from the contribution of the Next Generation Storage System (logistics distribution center, container terminal, parking system, etc.). He proposed a compact storage system design and optimization of access to goods strategy. Based on different storage strategies for space demand differences, he revised the full turnover rate of warehousing strategy and classification of warehousing strategy which were widely cited in the traditional textbooks and literature and put forward the "cup" curve. He built the new traffic sub circuit to eliminate method and applied it to solve large-scale inventory routing problem. And a series of container terminal dispatching strategies were presented.


Systems Engineering Society of China was jointly initiated and prepared by scholars, such as QIAN Xuesen, SONG Jian etc. It is a national level society founded on November 18, 1980 in Beijing. “System science and system engineering theory contribution award" was first issued by Systems Engineering Society of China in 2012, to reward senior scientific and technical workers who have made outstanding achievements and great contributions in system science and system engineering. The award is issued every two years, and no more than two people receive the award each time.


Professor DI Zengru from Beijing Normal University won the "Theoretical Contribution Award" at the same time. He is a convener of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee of the system of scientific disciplines review group. He mainly engages in applied research of non-equilibrium system theory, complexity research and related theory in the field of social economy. The previous "Theory Contribution Award" winner is Professor Huang Haijun from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He received the Fudan Management Excellence Award in 2012 and the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in 1998. He is also the Chief Scientist of 973 Program, and he obtained the Innovation Research Group Science Fund from National Natural Science Foundation Committee in 2005.


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