16 projects in our school receive National Natural Science Fund grants in 2015
( 2015-08-24 )

Recently, the 2015 National Natural Science Fund project results were announced. Our school declared a total of 29 applications and 16 were approved , a success ratio of 55.2%. The approved projects include 1 International (regional) cooperation and exchanges project, 1 Outstanding Youth Science Fund project, 12 projects in the general category , and 2 Youth projects. The direct project funding is 9.283 million yuan, and besides this, there is 20–40% indirect financial support that is given to the school. A list of the newly funded projects is below.


Our school attached  great importance to the applications for this year's natural science funding. The school organized tutoring sessions during the winter holidays, gave guidance and advice on the various applications, interviewed applicants, and accepted the declaration  of professor’s individual requirements at any time. For next year, the school will strengthen its guidance in relation to Natural Science Foundation applications. Tutoring sessions are expected to be held in October this year, one-on-one guidance is expected to be held around New Year's day next year, and the final push will be during next year's Spring Festival. Professors who are planning to apply for Natural Science Funding in 2016, please prepare in advance, and strive to achieve more good results in the coming year.


Person in charge

Project name

Project category

Yu Yugang

Research on the compact storage system and its supply chain under the environment of the Internet of things

International (regional) cooperation and exchange program

Wei Jiuchang

Social risk analysis and communication

Outstanding Youth Science Foundation Project

Liu Hefu

IT value creation in digital business model innovation: An empirical study based on the perspective of the top management team and the institutional environment

General Project

Yan Xiaoming

Recovery depends on the optimal production and pricing strategy of new products and remanufacturing products in the history of sales

General Project

Du Shaofu

The coordination of low carbon operation coordination of supply chain with low carbon supply chain and low carbon guidance mechanism

General Project

Fan Jin

Dual robustness of total energy price and energy demand in individual carbon trading system

General Project

Wu Jie

DEA efficiency evaluation and efficiency improvement theory, method, and application of the non-homogeneity of decision making units

General Project

Bi Gongbing

Integrated decision-making of supply chain finance and production planning under the network environment

General Project

Qin Jin

Key mechanism and behavior characteristics of Chinese P2P networks lending

General Project

Xie Jingui

Hospital resource planning and allocation

General Project

Huang Qian

The influence factors and mechanism of consumer perceived uncertainty in online shopping: An Empirical Study Based on the relationship between the platform and the seller

General Project

Hong Jin

The interactive learning mechanism and its influence on innovation performance of the cooperative network of inventors

General Project

He Jun

The study on the effect of China's fiscal decentralization based on endogenous economic growth theory

General Project

Jin Baisuo

Research on the theory and application of high dimensional space time model

General Project

Guo Xiaolong

Research on the classification and storage strategy and the optimization of storage system with the consideration of the category of goods

Youth Science Fund Project

Cao Xiongfei

Research on the influencing factors and mechanisms of the transfer between different kinds of social media

Youth Science Fund Project

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