ZHAO Yansheng

Associate Professor 


Academic Degrees
Bachelor Degree of Economics, Anhui University
MBA, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics


Professional Experience
Professor, The School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China
Part-time job in enterprises:
Market council’s director of Chinese information association;
Vice manager (senior consultant) of Kexun market information researching enterprise;
IVQS international authentication part-time trainer, etc.


Research Areas
Enterprise marketing management
Enterprise human resource management

Selected Publications
Nearly 30 papers have been published in various journals until now.
Argue about the 21st century enterprise strategic management: Economics problem, 2006
Malmquist Index to Evaluate Dynamic Changes of Customer Satisfaction in Telecom Enterprises: Chinese Journal of Management, 2006
The Research into Measurement Index System of Customer Satisfaction Based on“CS2IF”Matrix: Operations Research and Management Science, 2006
Explore the ethical dilemma of Chinese companies hire: Euro-Asia Symposium on environment and Corporate Social Responsibility-- From Rhetoric to Practice, 2006
Enterprise with technical innovation in dynamic environment how to keep the sustainable competitive advantage: Science & Technology Progress and Policy,2007
The source and avoid strategy of malignant price competition: Science and Technology Management Research, 2007
Empirical Study on Executive Compensation of Chinese Listed Companies: The 15th "global financial conference proceedings", 2008
Empirical Study on Executive Compensation Affecting Factors
of Chinese Listed Companies: Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing, 2008
Study on Moral Hazard Prevention Countermeasures toward
Client Managers in Commercial Banks in China: The future and development, 2008
Based on a Uniform Framework of Brand Identity-Brand Image: "Innovation and management of the fifth international conference proceedings", 2008
Substitute Selectivity Effects on the Satisfactory Customers Loyalty ———An Empirical Study from the Catering Industry: Journal of Southwest jiaotong university, 2009
Effects of Relationship Benefits on Retention in Relationship Marketing-- The Media Effects of Commitment and Trust: Journal of Dalian University of technology, 2009
High Performance Work System and Firm Performance—The Empirical Study of China’s Finance Industry: Journal of Beijing university of science and technology,2010


Selected Cases
A study of Consumer satisfaction research for Anhui Mobile
Service performance appraisal system design with Anhui Mobile
A study of service perceptions with Huaibei Mobile in 2005
Research and Development of Marketing Management System with Henan Tianchang International Tobacco
Research and Preparation for “Principles and Practices of tobacco marketing”, Henan


Courses Taught
Principles of Management
Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Management
Management communication


E-mail: zhaoys@ustc.edu.cn

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