ZHANG Weiping
Associate Professor

Academic Degrees
PhD, Univ. of Science & Tech. of China (USTC), 2005. 


Professional Experience
At USTC since 2003.
Teaching Asst. 2003-05; Lecture, 2005-10, Assoc. Prof., 2010.


Research Areas
Regularized Statistical methods, Bayesian Statistics

Selected Publications
Chenlei Leng,Weiping Zhang, Jianxin Pan (2010), Semiparametric Mean-Covariance Regression Analysis for Longitudinal Data, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Vol.105, No. 489: 181-193.
Weiping Zhang, Yu Chen (2010) , Double Sampling Method for Genetic Association Analysis with Differential Genotyping Errors, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Biomathematics, Vol1,43-54.
Chen, Yu; Zhang, Weiping; and Liu, Jie (2010) Asymptotic Tail Probability of Randomly Weighted Sum of Dependent Heavy-Tailed Random Variables, Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance: Vol.4 :Iss. 2.
Weiping Zhang, Nien-fan Zhang, Hung-kung Liu (2009), A generalized method for the multiple artifacts problem in interlaboratory comparisons with linear trends, Metrologia, 46:345-350.
Z. Q. J. Lu, N. D. Lowhorn, W. Wong-Ng, W. Zhang, et. al. (2009) Statistical Analysis of a Round-Robin Measurement Survey of Two Candidate Materials for a Seebeck Coefficient Standard Reference Material, J. Res. Natl. Inst. Stand. Technol. 114, 37-55.
Lowhorn, N.D.; Wong-Ng, W.; Zhang, W.; Lu, Z.Q.; Otani, M.; et al. (2009) Round-robin measurements of two candidate materials for a Seebeck coefficient Standard Reference Material, Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing,Vol94, No.2:231-234
Zhang Weiping, Wei Laisheng (2008), The superiority of empirical Bayes estimation of parameters in partitioned normal linear model, Acta. Math. Scientia, 28B(4):955-962.
霍涉云, 张伟平, 韦来生 (2007), 一类线性模型参数的Bayes估计及其优良性, 中国科技大学学报, 37(7): 773-776
张伟平, 韦来生 (2007), 错误先验假定下Bayes线性无偏估计的稳健性, 应用概率统计, 23(1): 59-67.
Laisheng Wei, Weiping Zhang (2007), The Superiorities of Bayes Linear Minimum Risk Estimation in Linear Model, Communication in statistics—theory and methods, 36(5): 917-926.
Yu Chen, Weiping Zhang (2007), Large deviations for random sums of negatively dependent random variables with consistently varying tails. Statist.Prob.Lett.77, 530-538.
张伟平, 韦来生 (2005), 单向分类随机效应模型中方差分量的渐近最优经验Bayes估计, 系统科学与数学, 25(1): 106-117.
Wei Laisheng, Zhang Weiping (2005), Empirical Bayes test problems of variance components in random effect model, Acta. Math. Scientia, 25B(2):274-282..
Zhang Weiping, Wei Laisheng, Yang Yaning (2005), The superiority of empirical Bayes estimator of parameters in linear model, Statist. Prob. Lett. 72:43-50.
Zhang Weiping, Wei Laisheng (2005), On Bayes linear unbiased estimation of estimable functions for the singular linear model, Sci. in China, A. 48(7): 898-903.

Awards and Honors
Second Prize in the 2005 Academic Forum for Graduates, USTC.

Outstanding  Undergraduate Student of Anhui Province, 2000,USTC.

Courses Taught
Mathematical Statistics
Probability and Mathematical Statistics
Statistical Softwares
Regression Analysis

Member of Anhui Association for Applied Statistics
Member of Commerce Statistical Society of China


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Tel: +86-551-3600565

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