ZHAO Lincheng
Professor of Statistics

Academic Degrees
Graduated from USTC, 1966;
PhD, USTC, 1982.


Professional Experience
At USTC since 1981.
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, 1982-85;
Associate. Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, 1985-88;
Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, 1988-1995;
Professor, Dept. of Statistics and Finance, 1995-present.


Research Areas
Nonparametric Statistics; Regression Analysis; Signal Processing; Limit Theorems in Probability Theory.

Selected Publications
1. Non-uniform convergence rates for distributions of U-statistics(with Xiru Chen), Scientia Sinica, Ser.A, Vol. 26, 795-810, 1983.
2. Normal approximation for finite-population U-statistics(with Xiru Chen), Acta Math. Appl. Sinica, Vol.6, 263-272, 1990.
3. On detection of the number of signals in presence of white noise(with P. R. Krishnaiah
and Z. D. Bai), J. of Multivariate Analysis, Vol. 20, 1-25, 1986.
4. Edgeworth expansions of distribution functions of independent random variables(with  Z. D. Bai), Scientia Sinica, Ser.A, Vol. 29, 1-22, 1986.
5. Exponential bounds of mean error for the nearest neighbor estimates of regression functions, J. of Multivariate Analysis, Vol. 21, 168-178, 1987.
6. Asymptotic nomality of minimum L -norm estimates in linear models(with X. R. Chen,
Z. D. Bai and Y. H. Wu), Science in China, Ser.A, Chinese Ed. Vol. 20, 449-463, !990;
English Ed. Vol. 33,1311-1328, 1990.
7. M-Methods in Linear Model, in Chinese(with Xiru Chen), Shanghai Scientific & Technical Publishers, 1996
8. Error bound in a central limit theorem of double-indexed permutation statistics(with Z. D. Bai, C. C. Chao and W. Q. Liang), Ann. Statist., Vol.25, 2210-2227, 1997.
9. Analysis of least absolute deviation(with Kani Chen, Zhiliang Ying and Hong Zhang), Biometrika, Vol. 95, 107-122, 2008.

Awards and Honors
1. Study on some problems in nonparametric statistics, the Natural Science Award of the Chinese Academy, Second Class, 1990.
2. Study on some problems in nonparametric Statistics, the National Natural Science Award, Third
Class, 1991.
3. Study on large sample theory in statistical linear models, the Natural Science Award of the Chinese Academy, First Class, 1998.


Courses Taught
Master Courses: Advanced Probability Theory; Advanced Mathematical Statistics; Linear Models;
Nonparametric Statistics; Some Topics on Probability and Statistics; Additional Models; Some Topics on Mathematical Statistics; Selected Readings in Statistical Literature.

Courses for undergraduate students: Theory of Functions of Reai Variables; Probability Theory and Statistics; Sampling Survey.

Supervisor of ten PhD students and nineteen MS students.
Elected as member of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) in 1994.
Associate Editor of “Statistica Sinica” (1999 - 2002).
Has ever been a member of the Editorial Board of “Statistics”, “Acta Mathematicae Applicatae Sinica” and “Chinese Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics”.


Dept. of Statistics and Finance
Address: Room 1025, School of Management, 96 Jinzhai, Hefei, Anhui, China
Tel: +86-551-3603971

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