ZHAO Dingtao

Professor of Management
Deputy dean of School of Management, USTC


Academic Degrees
AB, Anhui Normal Univ.,1982; Master degree, South China Univ. of tech.,1986.


Professional Experience
At School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China since 1997.
Assoc. Prof., School of Management, USTC, 1997-2002;
Professor, School of Management, USTC, 1997-2002;
Deputy dean, School of Management, USTC,2009-now


Research Areas
Strategy Management; Policy analysis.

Selected Publications
[1]  Dingtao Zhao, Junxian Bi, Shoufu Lin. A Research On The Relations Between Industrialization of County Economies and Environmental Stress in the Central China. Economic Theory and Business Management, 2008,11:64-70. (In Chinese)
[2]  Dingtao Zhao, Ming Lei. Model & Construction of Sustained Growth of Enterprises in Dynamic Environment. Management Sciences in China, 2006, 01:153-160. (In Chinese)
[3]  Dingtao Zhao, Jiuchang Wei. A Comparative Study on the Cornerstone Industries of Chinese Large and Middle Cities. Science of Science and Management of S.& T., 2006, 02:77-80. (In Chinese)
[4]  Dingtao Zhao, Bei Li. A Five-Force Model for Corporation Crisis Management. Science & Technology Progress and Policy, 2005,04:126-127. (In Chinese)
[5]  Dingtao Zhao, Bei Li. Dynamic Management Mode of Corporation Crisis Based on the System Theory. Management Science in China, 2005,18(3):8-15. (In Chinese)
[6]  Dingtao Zhao, Ming Lei. The Construction of Sustainable Competitive Advantage based on the Advantage-based View. Journal of Hanzhou University of Commerce, 2005,168(10):24-28. (In Chinese)
[7]  Jiuchang Wei, Dingtao Zhao, Liang Liang. Estimating the Growth Models of News Stories on Disasters. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 2009, 60(9):1741-1755.
[8]  Jiuchang Wei, Dingtao Zhao, Feng Yang, Shaofu Du, Dora Marinova. Timing Crisis Information Release via Television. Disasters (The Journal of Disaster Studies, Policy and Management), 2010,34(4):1013-1030.
[9]  Jiuchang Wei, Dingtao Zhao, Desheng Wu, Shasha Lv. Web Information and Social Impacts of Disasters in China. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 2009,15(2):1-17.
[10] Xibing Huang, Dingtao Zhao, Colin Brown et al. Environmental Issues and  Policy Priorities in China:A Content Analysis of Government Documents. China: An International Journal,2010.8(2): 220 – 246
[11] Jin Hong, Xiumei Guo, Dora Marinova, Dingtao Zhao. Water Pollution and Ecosystem Health in the Chao Lake Basin, China: A Policy Approach. Environmental Modeling and Software,2008: 1966-1972 .
[12]  Shoufu Lin, Dingtao Zhao, Dora Marinova. Analysis of the Environmental Impacts of China Based on the STIRPAT Model Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 2009,29(6):341-367.
[13]  Jiuchang Wei, Dingtao Zhao, Ruiyue Jia, Dora Marinova. Environmental Damage Costs from Airborne Pollution in the Major Cities in China. International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development, 2009,8(2):190-207.
[14] Jiuchang Wei, Dingtao Zhao, Dora Marinova. What factors determine whether a community will choose the pathway to sustainable development in China? . Local Environment, 2010, 15(9-10): 831-850.


Selected Cases
The Way of Innovation: a case from Chery Automobile
The Corporate Control Argument of GoMe Group.

Awards and Honors
The Second Prize of Outstanding Achievements in Social Sciences of Anhui Province,2010.
The Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Anhui Province.
The Second Prize of excellent thesis in Natural Science of Anhui Province.


Courses Taught
Management/ Introduction to Management
Strategic Management
Management History


[1]Vice president of Green Academic Association of Anhui Province
[2] Independent director of Hefei Fengle Seed Co., Ltd (the first listed (Shenzhen Stock Exchange) seed company in China, stock code: 000713).


Address: Room 901, School of Management, 96 Jinzhai, Hefei, Anhui, P.R. China
Tel: 0551-3601754

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