BS, MS & PhD in Management Science and Engineering

The goal of UTSC MS and PhD in Management Science and Engineering is to provide education and research opportunities to high level students with solid fundamental theory and application skill in management science and engineering. The graduates with modern technology background should be familiar with the advancements of the discipline, be able to conduct independent research, and meet the needs of research institutes, governments and large corporations.


Business Intelligence
The USTC Business Intelligence is a multidisciplinary program designed for students with database, data mining, and e-business, as well as enterprise application integration, knowledge management and business process reform and integration background, who also wish to exploit business information mining, developing, analyzing, operating and managing by understanding IT and management science. The goals of this disciplinary are managing and influencing decision making process of firms by maximizing information resource, supporting decision insightfully, and boosting core competences. Graduates have solid foundation in database, IT and management and engineering; they also have strong ability of decision analyzing and problem solving.


Evaluation System Engineering
The goals of USTC Evaluation System Engineering are to prepare high level of intelligent and ethical personnel with solid mathematics foundation and wide management theories. Students are familiar with cutting-edge advancement of the discipline; meet the desire of managerial, scientific and educational evaluation; and able to do research, teach and practice in evaluation and decision science, and able to be creative.

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