EMBA Program
the EMBA program got green light in June 2009. The students of the program are either executives of enterprises or managers of important departments of the government around China, and now EMBA students in the school are more than 300, including more than 80 from Beijing. The courses offered cover 8 inquired course, such as Business English, China Economy, Leadership Science, Strategic Management and etc., 15 specialized courses, such as Business Model, Crisis Management, Innovation Management, Human Resources and etc., lectures given by professors and experts both home and abroad and a two-credit overseas study tour.

The EMBA normal time-to-degree is 2 years part time. This program focuses on training of management theory and practice integration in a multicultural environment. The School emphasizes management practice in different cultures by systematic classroom teaching and other approaches including Study Abroad, Mobile Classroom, and thesis.

To ensure EMBA students’ attention and dedication to theory and practice, the EMBA program has its own website and magazine to enhance students’ engagement in academics and practice. Students can download course materials from the website. The magazine, entitled “EMBA,” publishes feature stories of companies owned by EMBA students and alumni to enhance students’ engagement with the program. EMBA students are required to complete a thesis based on practice, which counts 4 credits. Through the thesis process, students can polish their management skills and acquire deeper, more systematic understanding of management theories.


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