Master’s Program
The School of Management, USTC has the rights to confer master degrees in eight disciplines, namely, Management Science and Engineering, Financial Engineering, Business Administration, and Statistics and four professional degree programs including executive master of business administration (EMBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Project Management (MPM) and Master of Finance (MF).
Discipline of Management Science and Engineering
Discipline of Business Administration
Discipline of Statistics

The School’s academic master’s degree program is a 3-year full-time Master of Science program with four majors: Management Science & Engineering, Business Administration, Financial Engineering and Statistics. Similar to the Master of Philosophy degree in the British system, the MSc program is research-oriented and focuses on deep understanding of theories and mastery of research paradigms. To help students to engage in academic research, MSc curricula consist of advanced courses in theory and research methods. Students also participate in research and consulting projects to enhance academic and professional engagement. These research projects are mainly funded by research agencies such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Integration of theory and practice is included in the MSc program’s learning goals and learning objectives.

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