Phd Program
The school offers doctoral degrees in four disciplines, namely, the Management Science and Engineering, Financial Engineering and Business Administration and Statistics.
Discipline of Management Science and Engineering
Discipline of Financial Engineering
Discipline of Business Administration.
Discipline of Statistics
The PhD degree program is a 5-year full-time MScàPhD program (starting as MSc students but becoming PhD students after satisfactory progress) with majors in Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, and Statistics. The PhD program focuses on training to conduct high-quality original research, with emphasis on innovation in theoretical areas.

The School provides database access so that students can obtain the latest literature and keep up with research frontiers. PhD advisors regularly meet with students to instruct and help them in developing abilities to solve difficult problems. The School encourages PhD students to generate high-impact ideas and tools for both the Chinese and international contexts and provide innovative managerial insights. To complete the doctorate, each PhD student must have at least one A journal paper or two B journal papers published/accepted. Those journals must be on the School’s A/B list of recognized journals (see the list with our publications in Appendices for Standard 2).

To engage students with practice, the School provides students with many opportunities to learn research frontiers and publish high-quality papers. These include: 1) International exchange. To enrich research experience, students can apply for government-funded visiting scholar positions to study abroad. Also, each PhD student is required to present a paper in at least one international academic conference in their field. About 90% of the PhD students in the School gain experience in collaborative research with well-known international scholars. These experiences include research discussions, joint work, and project collaborations. 2) Seminars. Each PhD student is required to give at least one public seminar in the School. The student’s seminar performance will be judged by a review team which consists of three senior faculty. Review and feedback will be provided to the student to develop his/her abilities in research and communication.

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