Statistics is a discipline to study how to collect data, analyze data and extract information, and offer basic for decision making. Statistics of the School of Management, USTC has been one of the most influential disciplines in statistics in China. Students are educated to have solid mathematical foundation, to well master basic theory and method of statistics and English. Graduates are suitable to either do research, teaching and management work and to take further education in probability and mathematical statistics and other relative disciplines.


Duration, Degree Conferment and Graduation Requirement

Duration: Four years.

Degree: bachelor degree of science

Requirement: 158 credits are required for graduation (including dissertation, and selective subjects no less than 22.5 credits).


Courses and their credits and proportion are as follows:

Course classes



General electives



Basic courses



Specialized course



Practical subjects







Basic courses include Mathematical Analysis-1 (6 credits), Mathematical Analysis-2 (5 credits), Mathematical Analysis-3 (4 credits), Analytic Geometry (3 credits), Linear Algebra-1 (4 credits), Linear Algebra-2 (4 credits), Elementary Number Theory (3 credits), Functions of Real Variable (4 credits), Probability Theory (4 credits), Ordinary Differential Equations (4 credits), Functional Analysis (4 credits), Differential Geometry (4 credits), Partial Differential Equation (4 credits) and Complex Variable Functions (4 credits).

Specialized courses are composed of compulsory courses and selective courses, with compulsory courses including mathematical statistics (4 credits), Practical Stochastic Analysis (4 credits), Regression Analysis (3.5 credits). Selective courses include Symbolic Computation System (2 credits), Foundations of Mathematics (2 credits), Operational Research (3 credits), Statistical Software (3.5 credits), Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design (3 credits), Sample Survey (3 credits), Time Series Analysis (3.5 credits), multivariate statistical analysis (3.5 credits) and so on.