Undergraduate Program
In the 4-year bachelor management education, the first two years are devoted to training skills in physical sciences, mathematics and computer. The students of statistics program are admitted directly by the Mathematics Department and complete initial education there, while students of other programs are allowed to choose their concentration area in the second year.

The undergraduate program is a 4-year full-time bachelor’s degree program focusing on the teaching and learning of fundamental theories and knowledge. Courses are mostly delivered in the traditional classroom way, supplemented by experiments, simulations, and competitions. Regarding curricula for the majors, first and second year courses are mainly foundational courses required by USTC, with a few experiential courses to familiarize students with practice. Beyond discipline-specific core courses, third and fourth year teaching and learning emphasize academic and professional engagement with experiential courses, senior projects, summer internships, and thesis requirements. Measurement of engagement outcome is carried out through in-course evaluations of learning, project reports, and theses.

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