The discipline of Information Management and System mainly educated inter-disciplinary talents with information technology and management science through the combination of technology and economic science. The students are required to have solid background of mathematics, broad foundation of modern management knowledge, strong information knowledge and application. Through four year study, graduates are supposed to master system idea, analysis and design method of information system and knowledge and capability of design method and information management.


Duration, Degree Conferment and Graduation Requirement

Duration: Four years.

Degree: bachelor degree of management

Requirement: 162.5 credits are required for graduation (including practical subjects and dissertation).


Courses and their credits and proportion are as follows:

Course classes



General electives



Basic courses



Specialized course



Practical subjects







Basic courses include Introduction to Management (3 credits), Microeconomics (3 credits), Macroeconomics (3 credits), Operational Research (3 credits), Principle of Accountancy (2 credits), Database Technology and Application (3.5 credits), Commercial Law (2 credits), Probability and Mathematical Statistcs (3 credits), Complex Variables Functions (2 credits), Mathematical Equations (2 credits) and Computational Method (2 credits).


Specialized courses are composed of compulsory courses and selective courses, with compulsory courses including Operations Management (3 credits), Project Management (2.5 credits), Information Organization and Retrieval (2.5 credits), Information System Analysis and Design (2 credits), E-commerce and Practice (3 credits), Social Investigation and Forecast Method (3 credits), Management Information System (2 credits) and Computer Networks and Communications (3 credits). Selective courses include Quality Management (2 credits), Financial Management (2 credits), Investment Theory (2 credits), Oriented Principles and Practice (2.5 credits), Marketing (3 credits), Project of Information System Development (experiment) (1 credit), Econometrics (3.5 credits), International Economics (2 credits), Organizational Behavior (2 credits), Decision Making Technology and Application (3 credits), Statistical Software (3.5 credits), Networking Management (2 credits) and Management Strategy Model (2 credits).