Dept. of Management Science

The Department of Management Science was founded in 1986. Now the department of management science is a CAS base for doctoral students’ development and a national base for philosophy and social sciences innovation. The department has established decision science laboratory, services science and information technology laboratory, E-commerce laboratory, key laboratory of Anhui provincial public security science and technology, Provincial key laboratory of Anhui Province financial information and the Centre for forecasting science of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Hefei). The doctoral programme was launched in 1998 for management science and engineering and the post-doctoral research station was started in 2001. It was named as the first level national key discipline in 2007. In 2013, it was ranked the ninth among 102 departments/programmes in China by the Ministry of Education. Its main research interests include: decision analysis and operational management, information management and business intelligence, financial engineering and risk management, crisis management and systems engineering.


The department of management sciences currently has 36 full-time teaching and research staff, including 8 professors, 19 associate professors, 2 Cheung Kong scholar Professors, 3 distinguished young scholars winners of National Science Fund, 1 winner of "Fudan management outstanding contribution Award", 1 Chief Scientist of NSFC major research project, 1 scholar of thousand-person plan for youth scholars of the Central Organisation Department, 1 distinguished professor of "hundreds of people plan" of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 winners of the National Science Fund for outstanding young, 1 winner of the SMMU doctoral dissertation, 5 new century excellent talents. The department of management science has more than 10 state-level scientific research projects every year. In 2008, the research group was granted as the innovative research group by the State Natural Science Fund Committee in 2008, and the grant continued in 2012. Annually, about 50 papers are published in international academic journals, so the department is among China’s best departments of management science and engineering.


The department of management science has always adhered to the principle of "appropriate scale, elite education" and it has a large number of outstanding graduates in universities and research institutions at home and abroad. Many graduates serve as key leaders in government agencies, large state-owned enterprises, and large foreign companies. Many others work in famous universities and research institutions and some are granted such titles as the Yangtze River scholar, national outstanding youth, thousand Youth Talents, National Outstanding Youth.


Since its establishment, the department of management science has always focused on a solid mathematical foundation, a cutting-edge research forefront, and an interdisciplinary study and research. It absorbs international advanced education philosophy, optimizes its curriculum system and teaching and learning platforms, enhances cross-disciplinary research on information technology, manufacturing, automation, and nuclear safety, and promotes the integration of theory and practice, so as to develop excellent talents in management science. 

Faculty in Dept. of Management of Science

Chair: LIU Hefu PhD. in Management Science and Engineering, USTC