Dept. of Statistics and Finance

The department of statistics and finance was established in 1995. Now it has two undergraduate programmes for statistics and finance (including insurance), master-degree and doctor-degree programmes for probability theory and mathematical statistics and financial engineering. A post-doctoral research station is founded. The probability theory and mathematical statistics and financial engineering are both national key disciplines. The department has an institute of statistics, "AIA-USTC" actuarial Centre, financial engineering lab, Centre for Financial Research.


(1) Statistics:

Statistics is one of the most widely applied mathematics. It’s a discipline to study how to effectively collect, analyze and interpret data so as to provide a quantitative basis for the development laws of things and make right decisions.

Probability and Mathematical Statistics was named as a national key discipline in 2001. We offer professional training in probability theory and mathematical statistics. Graduates can skillfully use computer analysis and process data in enterprises, institutions and economic management departments in public and private sectors.

For a solid mathematical foundation, students are trained in the Department of Mathematics for their first 2 years before they are transferred to the department of statistics and finance to study major courses and complete the graduation theses.

The department has 1 Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and 1 Yangtze River Lecturing Professor, 9 PhD tutors and all teaching staff have their doctoral degrees. This discipline has a wide range of international communication channels and the academic atmosphere is strong. The teachers and students have won many national awards and the programme has a good reputation at home and abroad.


(2) Finance:

The finance programme focuses on a solid foundation of modern economics, financial theories and mathematics. Graduates can process and analyze data with innovative capacities, and can adapt to the increasingly fierce international competitions to be high-quality financial professionals. Most graduates choose to continue their studies.

Main foundation courses: Single Variable Calculus、Multi variable calculus、Linear algebra、University Physics、Computer Programming、Data Structures and Database、Probability and Mathematical Statistics、Ordinary Differential Equations、Calculation Method、Stochastic process、Multivariate Statistical Analysis、Operations Research、Database Technology and Application、Accounting、Commercial、Introduction to Management.

Major Courses: Principles of Economics、Microeconomics、Macroeconomics、Econometrics、Financial Market and Financial Institutions、Corporate Finance、Money and Banking、Basic financial economics、Introduction to Derivatives、Investment Theory、Introduction to Actuarial Science、Game Theory and Its Applications、Finance Law、International Finance、Time series、Financial risk management、Securities investment.

Society of Actuaries and the SOM jointly established "AIA-USTC Actuarial Centre ", and set up the Centre for the North American actuarial qualification test, a centre for China's qualification examination.

USTC and Xinhua News Agency jointly establishes the “CFC(China Finance corporation ) Financial Information Research Centre” to cultivate talents with finance, media and information technology backgrounds for Xinhua news agency financial information platform named “Xinhua 08 ”.

A good learning and research environment is constructed for students interested in financial practice and research.

Currently, the finance programme has 4 PhD tutors and young faculty members with doctoral degrees.


Faculty in Dept. of Statistics and Finance

Chair: ZHENG Zemin, PhD. in Probability and Statistics, USTC