MBA program was approved in 1998, and by now the school has educated over 2,000 management talents for business enterprises, financial sectors and economic management departments. USTC MBA is designed to train high-level comprehensive managerial talents for industrial and commercial enterprises, financial sector and economic management departments. The graduates should achieve the level of advanced knowledge in broad area of modern managerial skills, be skilled in scientific analysis, decision making. The program is also committed to developing a global strategic awareness for entrepreneurs, and training professional managers able to adapt to global competition.


USTC MBA program has obtained better experience, and now enters a steady period of development. The academic degrees committee of the State Council launched the MBA qualified assessment in 2001 to evaluate the second batch of pilot MBA program in 28 schools. The school ranked seventh, and the MBA program became formal program in 2002.


USTC has a strong background in science and engineering teaching. The MBA Center has developed its own training pattern. Since 2004, MBA center has initiated "ten hundred thousand program ", i.e., ten elaborate courses, 100 elite reports, and a thousand teaching cases, aiming at building The USTC MBA into first-class brand.


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